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Schneider Electric XB4BD33 Maintained Selector Switch, 3 Position Knob, 2NO, 10A, 600V, XB4 Series

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Schneider Harmony XB4 Series — 22mm & 30mm Metal Pushbuttons, Switches & Pilot Lights for Control and Signaling Units:

The Harmony XB4 range of metal pushbuttons, switches, and pilot lights combines simplicity of installation, flexibility, and robustness to meet the majority of industrial applications. It delivers one of the most comprehensive product ranges available on the market and meets the robustness and performance requirements for the majority of industrial applications. Harmony delivers an innovative and ergonomic design that allows easy operation and improves the look and feel of your control panels and machines. The Harmony XB4 metal range of modular control and signaling units combines simplicity of installation, flexibility, and robustness. It meets the requirements of the majority of industrial applications. These units are either available as complete products or separate components for customer assembly.


Series Features:

  • Robust illuminated and non-illuminated buzzers providing water resistance up to IP66, IP67, IP69, and IP69K
  • The flush-mounting solution addresses the market demands for ergonomic design and aesthetics
  • High brightness and full-surface illumination of pushbuttons and selector switches
  • Sealing effectiveness rated up to IP66, IP67, IP68, IP69, IP69K, and type 4X
  • High impact resistance up to IK06 rating
  • Operating temperature ranging from -40 to +70 C/-40 to +158 F
  • Compliance with international standards (IEC, UL, CCC, EAC, JIS)
  • Marine certified (BV, LROS, BDNV, GL)
  • E-stop button responsible for the production downtime
  • Dedicated offer for explosive atmospheres
  • Self-holding function of actuator when mounting
  • Timer for safe and simple adjustment of your machine’s time settings
  • USB and RJ45 ports for a simple, effective way to connect a PC or USB
  • 3 phase pilot lights mounted in a single 30 mm (1.181 in.) diameter hole
  • Hole positions are clearly identified and aligned on the legend panels
  • Just stick the legend panel on your operator interface surface and punch the hole where indicated
  • Save up to 75% of installation time compared with conventional hole alignment methods
  • Harmony pushbuttons are designed to perform up to 10 million operations

    This range includes:

  • Pushbuttons, spring return with flush push, projecting push, recessed push, booted flush push, or mushroom head
  • Emergency stop pushbuttons with 3 types of head: push-pull, turn to release, and key release
  • Pilot lights and illuminated pushbuttons with integral LED and BA 9s base fitting bulbs
  • Selector switches with different types of operator: standard handle, long handle, knurled knob, or key
  • Choice of heads: square, circular, rectangular, double-head/triple-head rectangular, or toggle
  • Colors of push: white, black, green, orange, blue, red, or yellow
  • Connection type: screw clamp connector, Faston connector, spring terminal, or for printed circuit board
  • Contact blocks for general purpose or specific applications (low current, standard, or high power switching)
  • Choice of heads to meet the majority of industrial needs: from the most basic pushbuttons and pilot lights, to functions meeting modern machine requirements, such as USB & RJ45 ports
  • Wide choice of accessories and spare parts
  • Other specific functions: complete potentiometer, hour counters, annunciator, or joystick controllers

    Flush mounting kits:

  • Redesigned, improving the look of the control panel
  • Quick and easy installation in a 30.5 mm/1.20 in. hole making it compatible with 22 mm/0.87 in. devices
  • A cost-effective solution, as the control devices and the operating modes of the machine do not change
  • Other accessories: protective covers, legends and legend holders, pushbutton caps, boots, bulbs, etc

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